Finding Success… or At Least A Job

This a blog about job hunting, career searching, finding your life’s work, becoming a success, being a productive member of society… or whatever you feel like calling it.  What it really is is a search for true success – living a happy life paying all the bills AND being glad to wake up in the morning.

I am what some people call crazy, and others call brave (I lean towards crazy, considering..). But whatever I am, I have led an unconventional and eclectic life, so I invite you to join me here and you will probably see yourself, in one facet or another.  It is my hope that I help at least one other person to feel braver (or just more okay with being crazy) and maybe even find the job/career/success/life that brings him or her joy.

I have been searching for a job for over 12 years.  Ok, not a job, but rather a Job.  I am searching for a “Real Job,” something that not only pays my bills, but makes me happy enough to stick with it for years and years to come, waking up in the morning feeling just fine, if not downright excited about goint to work.   One might even say I am looking for a career, but these days the way people change “careers” anywhere from 5-15 times in their adult lives, I feel that word has lost some of it’s significance.  I used to think of a career as something bigger than a job, something one obtained and valued and carried on with for decades.  Now though, “career” seems to simply be the twin brother (or sister) of “job” dressed up in a necktie or high heels with its nose tilted ever so slightly upwards towards his tall friend, the similarly affected “success.”  Therefore, I am not, by nature of my personality, necessarily searching for a career, but I do long for a Job.

I believe a Job is something inherently positive, as opposed to the simple, necessity driven, could-be-okay or could-be-miserable job.  A job is something one does to get by, something one may invest him or herself in and do the best he or she can, or not, depending on that person’s drive, but it is not something one feels a great amount of pride in or attachment to.  A Job on the other hand is an occupation that gives one a sense of contentedness or fulfillment in at least one aspect of one’s life and that the decision he or she makes to stay with that Job for more than a year is a decision he or she is at least comfortable, if not happy with.  A Job is not something from which arises the almost daily wishing or begging, to whomever one speaks, of “Oh please, pleaseplease let me find something better.”

I have had many jobs throughout the years, and many, many days of wishing and begging.  I have spent almost that many days searching for a Job.  I will say this though, to explain a little about why I have been so many years in searching – I have been quite… mobile, or nomadic as some might say (and often have).  Many people when hearing my story also follow that line of thought by asking me if I am running from the law.  Though it is fun to tell strangers Yes sometimes, when they look a little “country boy in the big city” shocked by my nation-hopping, no, I am not running from the law.

My primary hunt and motivation for the past 12 years has been for a place to call Home.  I have moved around the country, and to other countries even, looking for that special place where my heart is or my hat hangs, depending on who you look to for your definition of Home.  Of course the moving has inhibited me somewhat from finding my Job, but I have been watching for it all along, often hoping if I found my Job, I would go wherever it called me and be Home.  The Job hasn’t been found, so I have kept moving in the meantime.  (Which one is the meantime at this point? I forget.) Each place I move, each home I live in, I must obviously find jobs to pay my way while I feel things out, look for my Job and decide if I am in fact Home.

And so, I have racked up quite the tally of homes and jobs.

Specifically, I have had 17 homes and 26 jobs since I graduated from a fantastic and upstanding University (Gotta give UPS props, I loved my school) in 2001.  Granted, some of those jobs were held simultaneously, but as you can see, I have not slacked off in my efforts to support myself or find my Job.  Of all those 26, very few of them did I take out of sheer poverty and not at least some curiosity and hope that I would understand more about myself and about what I wanted to DO when I “grow up.” Nothing wrong with the purely necessary jobs, I just feel that if at all possible one should at least attempt to gain a modicum of satisfaction and learning from every job one does.

Suffice it to say, I have finally moved to a place I feel at least comfortable, though maybe not entirely satisfied, calling home. (I am fairly certain I will only ever call one “place” Home, but this is pretty close, I am a nomad, and THAT is another story.)  So now it is time to really dig in, figure out this Job thing, and get it!

This blog will be the story of my Job Hunt.  I offer it for whatever it means to you – advice, useful information, inspiration, hope, misery’s company, or simply entertainment.  Thank you for joining my journey, I’d love to hear any advice, feedback, or inspirations you may have to share along the way.


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