What Do You Want to Do?

To start things off, I should talk about what I want, what I am looking for in My Job.  The first thing you hear from anyone when you tell them you are looking for a job is “Oh!  What do you want to do?” (By which they mean “What do you want to Do? i.e. What is the one, perfect, forever career that you plan to obtain?”)  Well this is where I get stuck.  I realize this is not the best place to get stuck, at the absolute beginning, but there it is.  I do not know what I want to Do.  After earning my degree and working at over 26 jobs in and out of my field, I have no earthly idea what specifically I want to Do.  I am well aware that I look like an incompetent moron when I stumble over this question, but I just do not have One answer.  I know what I want to do, but not what I want to Do.  Ask me what I want to do, and I could explain it all day long –

I want to create –  to be able to think and have both direction and freedom (I get bored in a stagnant position).

I want to help – I want my work to make a difference for someone or something, somehow.

I want to use my writing skills (Well Dream Job, simply be a Writer).

I want to use my leadership skills, maybe (though this could be outweighed by other aspects).

I want evenings and weekends free to do as I please so I can spend time with my loved ones.

I want to be paid enough to not be scared every day of not being able to pay my bills and my rent.

I want in fact to be paid enough to not have to redefine my previous ideas of needs and luxuries (e.g. medical care, new underwear, and sometimes even food are luxury items at the present time).

I want to be able to travel – this means a little money and a little time, or a job that actually includes travel.

I want to feel needed and important, without having to sleep with my phone and suffocate under the anxiety of being on call 24/7.

I want to work in a team that is big enough that it isn’t stifling, but small enough that we actually feel like a team, for a boss that respects, encourages and leads well.

These are the things that I want to do.  I have learned all of this through working all of the jobs I have done along the way.  As you can see, my desires are somewhat abstract and/or flexible and not a single one of them (ok, one) actually includes any sort of Title or Category or even Keyword, that job search sites ask for.

Therein lies one major problem (beyond that of appearing to be an incompetent moron to the delighted and unsuspecting aforementioned inquisitor, Mr or Ms. “Oh! What do you want to Do?”). Job search sites and their so called Advanced Search sections are not nearly advanced enough for an oddball like me who needs to rattle off a list of hopes and desires and be magically directed to a page full of lovely, satisfying, but eclectic job opportunities.


One thought on “What Do You Want to Do?

  1. I feel the same way. Everyone asks me what I want to DO and I don’t really know but I have a list of things I want to do.

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