Ink Stains On My Sheets?

Ink Stains On My Sheets – Kind of a weird title I realize. I wonder, what did you think when you first saw it??  I really am curious and would love to see your comments about what it made you think of, if you had questions, why you checked it out, etc.  So why did I choose the title?

A few reasons –
1) I wanted something different, interesting, that resonated with me, attracted people, and could morph with its contents should the blog go from one of hunting for success to one of finding it, and getting to just continue to share my writing instead of only writing about, and for the purpose of, finding a “real job.”

2) I have so many notebooks full of my scribbles and still never leave the house without at least a pen, if not pen and paper/notebook.  I love to truly write, not just type.  Though I am getting more comfortable with typing my thoughts, there is still something very comforting to me and inspiring about writing pen to paper – hence actual ink stains on sheets of paper.

3) I keep a notebook near me while I sleep because I have, countless times, awoken in the middle of the night needing to write down a thought, a few lines, or a dream, terribly afraid I will lose the memory of the words or images in my head by the time I wake up.  My eyes are also quite sensitive to light so I do not turn on a lamp when I wake to scribble out my thoughts.  So, half asleep, in the pitch dark, often with eyes still closed (because with no light, what is the point of opening them?) there I lie, with one finger on the page trying to guide my pen and keep my words from inking each other out, the other hand frantically scribbling words across the pages.  Ink pens, I have discovered, harbor a complete disregard for something so mundane as where they disburse their liquid contents.  It is the writer’s duty to pay attention to the surface upon which the pens magically honor one with scribing ability, not the pen’s.  So if the writer does not do her duty, it is her own fault when she wakes up in the morning to find ink stains not only on her notebooks, but also on her fingers, and her bed sheets.  I, for one, forsake those particular duties in the wee hours of the morning and wake to find notebooks, pens and ink stains scattered about my bed.


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