So Many Jobs, So Many Skills

With over 25 jobs under my belt, not even counting those I worked while obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (a very worthy feather in my cap in and of itself) I can honestly, all horn-blowing aside, say that I have learned and developed an incredible skill set. In order to make it very clear that I am not simply boasting when I say I have a very wide variety of skills, and to broaden the expanse of possible similarities between myself and you,  I will list all of my jobs and their locations, something I have never done before on paper.

From graduation –

  1. Assistant Language Teacher – Higashi High School,  Japan
  2. Mental Health Counselor and Substitute Teacher – Youth Recovery Program, Colorado
  3. Sales Associate – A fine wines and spirits store, Colorado
  4. Sales Associate and Manager in Training – Eddie Bauer, California
  5. Special Needs Nanny – Private Family, Montana
  6. Sales Associate – Home Décor Boutique, Montana
  7. Ladies Lounge Attendant – Private Golf Course, Montana
  8. Registrar – Hospital, Colorado
  9. Mental Health Counselor – Psychiatric Hospital, Colorado
  10. Office Manager – Cancer Screening Clinic, Colorado
  11. Cellar Door Steward and Manager On Duty – Winery, New Zealand
  12. Child/Adolescent Mental Health Case Manager – District Health Board, New Zealand
  13. Membership Director – Boat Club, Florida
  14. Exhibition Supervisor – Art Museum, Texas
  15. Reminiscence Coordinator – Alzheimer’s Unit, Texas
  16. Sever, Trainer, Banquet Coordinator, Ambassador – Fine Dining Restaurant, Texas
  17. Manager – Restaurant, Texas
  18. Server, Trainer, Bartender – Pub, Texas
  19. Content Writer – SEO Company, telecommute Louisiana
  20. Driver, Transportainment Specialist, Manager, Ambassador – Pedicab Company, Louisiana
  21. Cocktail Server – Casino Restaurant, Louisiana
  22. Bartender, Server – Restaurant, Louisiana
  23. Driver, Transportainment Specialist – Pedicab Company, Florida
  24. Sales Associate – Fashion Boutique, Florida
  25. Writer, Editor, Assistant – Conflict Resolution Therapist, Florida
  26. Office Manager – Real Estate Company, Florida

It has been a rewarding and interesting experience developing skills I either had naturally or learned through school, and then both gaining new ones with each job and continuing to hone those I already held.  I was successful in each of my positions, how ever short-lived they may have been and I took personal pride in being the best I could be and learning the most I could, no matter how small or trivial the tasks may have appeared to others. 

As you can imagine, by nature of each job, I got to work with very different people both as colleagues and clients, people of amazingly varied backgrounds, needs, ages, personalities and cultures.  I have also, and maybe even more importantly, learned a lot about myself – what I do and do not like to do, what makes me happy, and what bores me.  Great things to know, because they have helped me build the list from the previous post about what I know I want to do.  Still, it hasn’t exactly created a narrow path for me to figure out what to DO.


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