Dealing With Rejection 1

I wish that job rejections could all come in hard copies somehow.  Well, I wish all job rejections would actually come, rather than just leaving you waiting and wondering, but that’s another story.

The reason I wish rejections would come on paper is because a friend of mine inspired me years ago with her amazingly creative way of Dealing with Rejection.  She was a writer, and an artist, and was submitting her poetry/fiction manuscript to publishers.  She decided to get an old toilet, from scrap somewhere or something I don’t know, and plaster all her rejection letters on it.

I was so impressed with her creative idea of how to turn her rejections from little pieces of pain and sadness into humor and art.  She was so strong.

Now, I wouldn’t copy her idea, it was hers, and besides, where the heck would I put a random toilet in my little apartment?  But somehow it does seem it would be easier to find a creative way to deal with rejection if you could hold it in your hands, even if it just meant being able to shred them into confetti to use at the party you throw to celebrate when you finally get the job/contract.  That would be fun.

Thanks Lesa, I hope success came too quickly and your toilet only got partially plastered.


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