What Your Shoes Say About Your Job


I should be applying for jobs right now.  Instead I am doing laundry, picking up around my apartment, and playing with my blogs.  Well, I’m sort of doing laundry…  There is only one machine in my apt building and I am waiting for whoever is using the dryer to remember they are using it and come move their stuff so I won’t be late and damp to work in an hour.  Off topic…

In prepping for work and picking up, I looked at the shoes lined up by my door and had a little laugh.  I have very different shoes for the very different jobs I do and have done in the past, and maybe I am crazy, but I think that is interesting somehow.  (I decided to add the photo to my header so you could see what I mean for just a day or two, then something more applicable will be up.)  I have flip flops for daily life and for when I worked on the boats/docks.  I have my chuck taylors for pedicabbing in S.FL and my tougher Puma athletic shoes for the bike shop and the pedicabbing in NOLA which was much more strenuous.  I have power heels for interviews and jobs requiring more suit-like attire, and dainty heels for when the job calls for a more subdued and less threatening, yet still feminine business-wear.

I will say, I have nowhere near the number of shoes many women do, but I have quite the variety.  Other shoes don’t belong at work (odd to say considering the range I just listed…) so no point mentioning here, but I think the shoes things says something.  I can look at each shoe and tell you memories of days and likes and dislikes about not only the wearing of the shoe, but the circumstance of the wearing as well.  Psych background kicks in a bit and I wonder playfully about the study one could do on finding the right job based on the shoes one prefers to wear.  I think there is something there really.  Do you love the relaxed, well-formed but easy to kick-off fit of the perfect Reef?  Do you enjoy the maneuverability, speed and  comfort of an athletic shoe?  Do you feel confident, strong and successful in a dress shoe, and further, power shoe or loafer/dainty slingback?

Ok ok, weird, I know, but a fun jaunt into the odd, lighter details of the work world and the search for the perfect career.  I admit though, if it really were that simple and telling, I have a sneaking feeling my career choice would be considered semi if not wholly unacceptable/unsuccessful by most  people.  I’m ok with that.


2 thoughts on “What Your Shoes Say About Your Job

  1. I find it interesting too actually. I might be weird but we can be weird together. I have a variety of shoes too and think I might even take a photo of them too. What our shoes say about us? Cool topic.

  2. Interesting, made me think about the evolution of my shoes. No more spike hi heels. miss them!!. Just the comfortable flats. That’s all right for my age.

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