Little jobs, Big Promotions and Better Chances to Pursue Happiness

Sometimes you have to take a little job just to get by while you work on building a better resume, stay in one place to appear more stable, or simply pay the bills so you don’t have to live under a bridge.  Everybody does it, these days, no shame.  Frustration at that fact may run rampant, but there’s no shame in it.  

The nice thing is, if you can find a little job that you don’t hate, maybe one that at least gives you a little pleasure, through cool benefits or a nice team to work with, the potential for improving your quality of life is a lot better.  Beyond that, the potential that that little job could turn into something bigger looks a lot more hopeful and can lessen the frustration and sense of failure that comes from taking a “not anywhere near my dream Job” job.

I “chose”  (as much as anyone in dire straits and needing a job last week! can choose) to work the front desk at a massage studio and retail at a bike shop (pedal powered, not petrol).  At the massage studio, I work in a quiet atmosphere with a mostly great team, I have steady hours and get free massages.  At the bike shop I get discounts and again work with great people.  It has made a big difference getting to work with a team larger than 1; though I have yet to make friends in this new home of mine, at least now I get a little social contact.  I figured, if I just jump in at ground level, show off my skills any chance I get and keep my eyes open for something better, something better will somehow show up.

I played it right (and was super blessed). Within 3 weeks, I was offered a promotion to management at a new store within the bike company.  I ended up turning it down in fact, partly because the pay didn’t justify the position and commute, but more because I would have to walk away from the other two jobs with no notice at all.  I couldn’t do that.  A friend referred me to the massage studio, and the owner there had worked hard to take my needs into consideration; I chose professionalism and personal ethics over promotion.

 Luckily, that was not my last opportunity for advancement.  Over the next week 2 different managers at the bike shop spoke with me about separate promotion options that might come up in the next few months, and the management team at the massage studio also discussed with me an opportunity to advance that might arise along the same time lines.  I decided I would bide my time and see what popped up first.  

Within a couple of days, to my surprise, the massage studio decided to make a move on restructuring the team early and offered me the promotion to Assistant to the Studio Manager.  Pay increase, added benefits, additional responsibility and more challenge included, I jumped on it and am thrilled to say I am headfirst into my new role.  

I admit, to myself and anyone who cares to ask, that this is not my dream Job.  I still want to pursue the goals I have for myself to make a difference in the world, use my skills to their very edges and continue to sharpen them, and make a living that allows plane tickets in the budget.  But with the perks of this promotion, I am content for now, to let my job-hopper label fade, work nice hours with good people, help build success for a great business to the best of my ability, and get free massages for a while.  

I can finally breathe and feel at least comfortable with where I am to sit “still” a bit and enjoy the non-work side of my life as well. It’s time to write, live, and who knows, maybe even love a little.  

This blog is nowhere near over though, as I keep watching for that dream Job, writing to pursue my ultra dream JOB, and of course relating my non-work/writing adventures in my other, linked blog inkstainedadventures.

Would love to hear how your job search is going and any suggestions you have for me on my path to fabulousness.


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