Preparing for the (Job) Hunt

I am restless again.

I know, I only found the good job a few months ago, got promoted a couple months ago, and said I would sit still for a while before I looked for the Good Job.  When I said that, I intended 6  months to a year of “sitting still.”  Uncooperatively, my nature is beginning to rumble and growl within its cage though, the blanket of “this is a wise decision” not muffling the sounds in the least.  I am yearning for more, yearning, eager, needing, to stretch my legs/wings/mind and find something more.   I want, yet again, to search for my Job.

My search this time feels a little… well I was going to say more scattered and unsure, but upon typing the words I realize it may actually be more “focused” than ever before (if, that is, the definition of focused can be slightly reexamined and include two potential paths rather than the traditional one).

The Underlying desire – I want to do something fulfilling.

Path one:  A Job in South Florida (climate and geography as close to ideal as the USA allows) that pays $50k+ per year (estimate based on current status of single, childless female) that contributes directly to positive change in the world and includes ample time off and interaction with people of other cultures, preferably in the form of actual travel.

Path two: A job in a foreign country of ideal climate and geography that allows for a simple, but stress free (i.e. all minimal bills covered, roof over head, enough food to sustain active lifestyle… again based on same “spinster” status((yes I have actually had this legal description personally, not willingly, applied to me)).)   Simplified – live on Caribbean island cheap and peaceful.

Obviously I have not yet made a choice between the two.  But I am moving towards the choice, cutting contracts and leases and such, and allowing myself to be much more open to accepting either path with an easy and happy heart, and a plan is formed to lead to a decision.

I will both island hop on long weekends when cheap tickets allow, and Job hunt for the next few months and see which feels better….

Here goes.. Again…. Finally???  Wish me luck ( and contacts if you have any!)


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