Enthusiasm and Sense of Adventure

Hi there Evie,  Thanks for responding to my ad for a sailing companion.  I must say I do like your enthusiasm and sense of adventure.  I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of a response I would get from posting that, and admittedly have had a few oddballs reply, but you sound pretty normal and like a lot of fun. I think we could be great sailing pals.  Why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself, I’ll do the same for you, and then maybe set up a video chat for sometime in the next couple days to ‘meet’ and make sure we can get along well enough to survive a few months within 38′ of each other.  Look  forward to hearing from you. – Kelly


Dear Kelly,

Oh thank you thank you for not thinking I am crazy!!!  I’m so excited to hear from you and yes yes!!!!  I think we could make great sailing pals!!!!!   I don’t know how to sail, but I’m really excited to learn and I learn fast .  In the mean time, I do know how to cook, I’m really clean and easy going, I speak French and know celestial navigation, so I can certainly pull my weight as a sailing companion while I learn “the ropes” haha.

Brilliant idea about getting to know each other, you are welcome to google me and you can find me on LinkedIn to know that I am really who I say I am.  Other than that, I am 35, with a degree in Psychology, an expansive working and traveling background, no kids, no pets, and a job I hate that I can leave at any second to come and meet you on the boat. We could video chat tonight even if you want and  I could probably be there tomorrow if you want to go soon, I’m already packed!!!!!


I’m on a roll and about to  explain how adept I have become at packing my entire wardrobe into 2 bags when I hear… the Minions?  laughing… at me?

I’m finally jolted out of my manic haze by this offensive absurdity, and realize it’s just my ringtone. My best friend is calling.  I blink, reach for the nearest cloth, which happens to be my black uniform shirt on the floor by the desk where I dropped it and begin mopping the spilled wine off my thighs and floor tiles as I answer the phone.

“HI LOVE!” I start yelling into the phone the moment I pick up. “Guess WHAT!  He wrote back!  He wrote back and he likes my sense of adventure and my enthusiasm and thinks we could make great sailing pals and wants to get to know me and is going to tell me more about him and wants to video chat and I think I might get to go and I’m so excited I can’tbelieveitImightactuallygetTOGOOO!!!!!!!!!!!”

I finally suck in a breath to register that now Elissa is laughing at me too.  “Hello honey.” she says.  “First of all, I’m really excited for you, that’s awesome.  Second, yes, definitely find out more about him before you jump on a boat with him, you know I worry.  And third, please tell me you haven’t emailed him back yet, that you waited to vent a little of this exuberant yet barely intelligible sputtering and to calm down first?”  She ends the third statement slightly tilted like its a question.  She knows me too well.

“Um.” I begin, and she’s laughing again and I swear I can hear her shaking her head. “No, no,” I hasten to add, “I didn’t actually send it yet. But I think I’m really glad you called when you did.”  I quickly scan my email reply, and delete the entire message. “Yea, really glad.  Help me vent and write a new one?  I just have to go on this trip Elissa, I have to!”

“I know sweetie, and you’re right, you do.  Of course I’ll help.”

There’s nothing in the world like a best friend.

[post 3 of the Sailing Adventure]


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