A Man, His Dog… and ME!!!

Kellerman Wainwright, a.k.a Kelly to his friends, apparently wakes quite early in the morning and an email was awaiting me when I blinked at my phone in my pre-coffee, partially awake, early morning state.

I took it as a good sign that I had already been included in the “friends” category seeing that each email so far was signed off “Kelly”  rather than Kellerman.  I figured it was an equally positive sign about his general character that the guy wasn’t closing his personal communications with “Mr Wainwright.”  48 years old, fancy house in North Carolina bought with apparently beaucoup bucks made first on Wall Street and more recently as a personal finance accountant to the richey riches in New York and the Crystal Coast, and a newly, (not self) refurbished sailboat… the man had seriously high potential for pretentious prickdom.

Luckily, through his email conversation (including my perspective on his email signature) and later that evening by video chat, Kelly is proving himself to have mostly escaped that well trodden Rich Prick path and so far seems pretty down to earth.  Though he is a bit dorky.

I laughed when he completely exemplified that analysis for me and told me about the third companion that will be on our sailing adventure with us.  Kelly’s dog is named Bruce.  BruceThat’s right,  Bruce Wainwright.  As in Bruce Wain…wright.

Kelly laughed and laughed when he told me, completely amused with himself and his explanation that Bruce looks cool and collected, but is a tough and protective “badass” when a threat presents itself.  I quietly hoped he had not named the sailboat the BatMoBoat or something else equally embarrassing.  He did go on to explain though that Bruce is a rescue dog, a mutt of questionable mixing somewhere along the lines of Australian Shepherd and PitBull that he fell in love with at a shelter about 4 years ago.  Kelly saved himself a lot of points in my book for that and I decided I would not tease poor Bruce, or his rescuer owner, about his name. OK maybe I would tease Kelly, a little.  I mean come on.

And yes, yes I did say Bruce would be joining us on our sailing adventure!  Kelly picked me!!  He said yes!!!!  I get to go I get to GO I GET TO GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yea, and I said yes too.  Kelly checked out in my google searches – all claims appears true.  My friend in HR pulled up a background check on him for me – all clear.  Beyond being a bit of dork, he seems like an okay guy to spend the next few months traveling with.  He himself addressed the pink elephant in the situation; romance is not on the agenda.  We both made that boundary clear with ease once the topic was put to light.  Sharing a sailboat with a stranger, we both expect to make a new friend and be able to relax in the small space of our lives without awkwardness and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

I began packing already and can’t wait to tell my absurd excuse for a boss that I am O.U.T.  I can’t help it, I am simply too elated by the adventure life has presented to me to be quiet,  professional, about mature about this.  I’m going to burn that bridge to ashes and laugh my way to the train station.

bridge burning

Besides, sailboats and bridges don’t get along well anyway.

[post 5 of the Sailing Adventure. To Sail from the beginning click here]


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