About This Blog

This a blog about job hunting, career searching, finding your life’s work, becoming a success, being a productive member of society… or whatever you feel like calling it.  What it really is is a search for true success – living a happy life paying all the bills AND being glad to wake up in the morning.  My dream, the “job” I am hunting for is to be a professional, published author.  This is what I want my life’s work to be, what I want to both wake me up smiling in the morning, and pay my bills.  I am not there yet.

I am what some people call crazy, and others call brave (I lean towards crazy, considering..). But whatever I am, I have led an unconventional and eclectic life, so I invite you to join me here and you will probably see yourself, in one facet or another.  It is my hope that I help at least one other person to feel braver (or just more okay with being crazy) and maybe even find the job/career/success/life that brings him or her joy.

This blog will be the story of my Job/Success/Happiness Hunt as I keep notes and make comments on the “normal” jobs I take on, or let go, as I make my way towards that beautiful horizon of being an author.   I offer my thoughts, struggles, dreams, and scribbles here for whatever it means to you – advice, useful information, inspiration, hope, misery’s company, or simply entertainment.  Thank you for joining my journey, I’d love to hear any advice, feedback, or inspirations you may have to share along the way.

Each category is something a little different, where the titles are not self-explanatory, I have provided a brief description.  Pick and choose as you like.  And please, if you enjoy this, share with a friend, this really pushes me from my comfort zone and helps me hone my skills, so the more readers, the bigger the challenge.  Thank you!!!


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