The Berry Patch – A Review and Reminder

As you may or may not know, I am an aspiring children’s book author. I have written two and have since stashed them in one cardboard box or another as I’ve moved them from house to house, state to state, and even country to country throughout the past 12 or so years.  

Today I read a book called The Adventures of Scout and Kit, The Berry Patch by Elise Monsour Puckett to my tiny angelchild and it has renewed my love and hope for my own books. I am so impressed with authors that have followed through and done the hard work to get to the point where someone like me can hold their book in my hands and delight in the colors and the words on the pages.  

The Adventures of Scout and Kit, The Berry Patch is a wonderful children’s story blending fun, magic and just enough education with incredible illustrations that will keep any child delighted for years. I am so impressed by Ms. Puckett and I am also grateful to her for keeping my hopes up and my dreams alive, and for giving me a beautiful book to treasure over a Tea Toast and Berry breakfast in bed with my daughter in the years to come.